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We Get Mail – Oh Noes Teh Jews!


I don’t think there is much we can say in addition to the follow comment we received on out recent election show. Judge this bizarre, disjointed and disturbing diatribe for yourself: OldMrMegaDrive 1 hour ago I think it unlikely you will dislodge the incumbents… THE DIRECTIVE Simeon bar Yochai said: “The best among the Gentiles […]

#011 – Politics & Election 2015 with DLandonCole


Cal & Ziller speak to political you-tuber, DLandonCole about UK politics and the upcoming UK general election.  We give you the lowdown on all the major political parties and their chances at the ballot box. Check out DLandonCole: Twitter: About DLandonCole from his   “I’m studying for a PhD in Politics at the University of […]

Dude, Where’s My Podcast?


As a lot of you may have noticed, TwL has become somewhat irregular in producing new shows and podcast. Well that is all about to change, after nearly 7 months of experimenting with new formats we’ve decided to “come home” We’re going back to broadcasting the show live as we have to admit we sorely […]

Homoeopathy Doesn’t Work!


Well another year and another study showing that homoeopathy doesn’t cut the mustard science wise. In Australia, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) conducted a massive review of over a thousand papers on the efficacy of homoeopathy. The findings? Well, judge for yourself: • There is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective […]

Spirit Science Fails Archaeology

spirit science

(Collaborative blog by Cal & Mahrai Ziller/Astro-Gome) Clearly there is no end to the fields of study that team Spirit Science will butcher. This time they have decided to perform a hatchet job on archaeology, authored by the always entertaining (for all the wrong reasons) Amanda Nix. The piece in question shows 10 archaeological mysteries […]

Want to Spread Fear? – Use Children!

anti-gm think of the children

It’s a pattern I’ve notice in true believers of pseudo-science. When facts fail: use children. Weather it’s Mike Adam’s cynical use of images of children with skin conditions to promote Anti-Vax hysteria, or Jenny McCarthy’s “Mommy Instincts” that vaccines cause autism. The latest in the line of “Think of the Children” emotional manipulation comes from […]

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