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#011 – Politics & Election 2015 with DLandonCole


Cal & Ziller speak to political you-tuber, DLandonCole about UK politics and the upcoming UK general election.  We give you the lowdown on all the major political parties and their chances at the ballot box. Check out DLandonCole: Twitter: About DLandonCole from his   “I’m studying for a PhD in Politics at the University of […]

#009 – What the Bleep do we Know – Quantum Quackery[Audio Commentary]

Marlee Matlin What the Bleep Do We Know Quantum Quackery

This is an audio commentary to go with the “Documentary” of quantum quackery ‘What the Bleep do we Know? – Down the Rabbit Hole’. From Wikipedia What the Bleep Do We Know!? (stylized as What tнē #$*! D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow!? and What the #$*! Do We Know!?) is a 2004 film that combinesdocumentary-style interviews, computer-animated […]

#006 – Mouse Bacteria’s Dangerous Atheistic Memory of Skeptical Books


In the news: Mouse Gut Bacteria Atheists are Dangerous! The Brain Can’t Store Memories Feature: Marty, Kitch and Cal reveal their Skeptical influences. Subscribe to the podcast:- Feedburner: Itunes : Stitcher : Podbean : Podfeed :

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