#060 – “Consumed” Movie Review

trolling with logic consumed review

Consumed – Movie Review Are we too old for all this GMO shit? Microblogganism and Cal certainly aren’t as they look at the 2016 anti-gmo drama “Consumed”. Intended as an examination of concerns over GMO’s, the film instead plays like one woman’s descent into madness. Featuring “GMO cops” whose sole job it is to drive aggressively near people, a thinly […]

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#059 – Why People Reject Evidence, According to Matthew Facciani

Why People Reject Evidence, According to Matthew Facciani What are some of the social and psychological factors which lead people to reject evidence that conflicts with their worldview? Joining us to tackle this and related questions is Matthew Facciani. Currently working on a PhD in sociology at the University of South Carolina, Matthew is an activist, speaker, and writer who […]

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#058 – Bad Christian Movie Tropes With Marissa Alexa McCool

Bad Christian Movies on Trolling with Logic

Marissa Alexa McCool   Why are Christian movies – that distinct but ever-growing genre of filmmaking made by and for Christians – so universally bad. And why do non-believers, especially atheists, find them so entertaining? In this episode, we are joined by Marissa Alexa McCool to explore these questions with a light-hearted discussion of some of the recurring themes and […]

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#057 – Pseudoscience vs Justice with Kavin Senapathy

kavin senapathy trolling with logic

What are the science and public-policy benefits of widespread use of biotechnology in food and medicine that naysayers are not accounting for? And in what ways does embracing science and calling out fear-based myths impact justice and democracy? Joining us as a special guest on this episode to discuss these questions is author, writer, and science activist Kavin Senapathy. Co-founder […]

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#053 – Science of Doctor of Who

trolling with logic science of doctor who

The Science of Doctor Who – What can a reincarnating Time Lord who gallivants across time and space in a 1950s-era police box whilst battling evil robots and aliens teach us about real-world science? To answer this question, Nathan, Jenn, and Cal are joined by Simon Guerrier, a documentary filmmaker, science fiction writer, and Whovian, to discuss the ideas in […]

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#052 – Mister Kent Hovind

mister kent hovind trolling with logic

In this episode of Trolling with Logic, the crew takes a hard look at the magical world of young-earth creationism, as envisioned by everyone’s favorite creationist Kent Hovind. Before spending the last decade in federal prison for tax fraud and evasion, Hovind was a traveling evangelist preaching creationism and attacking evolution, armed with wacky strawmen. There’s no shortage of weird […]

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#051 – Prometheus Review

trolling with logic prometheus review

Prometheus In this episode, the Trolling with Logic crew reviews the 2012 sci-fi travesty Prometheus , aka “Erich von Däniken’s Wet Dream.” It’s the prequel to the classic sci-fi horror “Alien” franchise, but this time it’s not a wonderful Lovecraftian tale of blood, terror, entropy, and female empowerment. Instead, “Prometheus” is about an over-expository, scientifically-illiterate mess of a movie that […]

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