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Homoeopathy Doesn’t Work!


Well another year and another study showing that homoeopathy doesn’t cut the mustard science wise. In Australia, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) conducted a massive review of over a thousand papers on the efficacy of homoeopathy. The findings? Well, judge for yourself: • There is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective […]

Spirit Science Fails Archaeology

spirit science

(Collaborative blog by Cal & Mahrai Ziller/Astro-Gome) Clearly there is no end to the fields of study that team Spirit Science will butcher. This time they have decided to perform a hatchet job on archaeology, authored by the always entertaining (for all the wrong reasons) Amanda Nix. The piece in question shows 10 archaeological mysteries […]

Want to Spread Fear? – Use Children!

anti-gm think of the children

It’s a pattern I’ve notice in true believers of pseudo-science. When facts fail: use children. Weather it’s Mike Adam’s cynical use of images of children with skin conditions to promote Anti-Vax hysteria, or Jenny McCarthy’s “Mommy Instincts” that vaccines cause autism. The latest in the line of “Think of the Children” emotional manipulation comes from […]

Jane Goodall joins Anti-GMO

jane goodall joins anti-gmo

If there’s one thing that makes an decent scientist face-palm, it’s when a scientist speaks on a subject outside their chosen field. Despite what Hollywood would have you believe being a scientist does not mean that you suddenly have knowledge in all areas. It’s much like my field of work, Engineering. I work in Electronics […]

Fluid Dynamics – ASCII Style!


Whilst browsing youtube, I found this video of fluid dynamics simulated on C language. I’ve no idea how accurate it is. Mechanical Engineers please feel free to contact me and let me know. One thing: it’s interesting for demonstrating a complex output from a simple set of input variables. It also combines several areas of study (Fluid […]

Anti-Vax = Anti Human !


Anti-Vax = Anti Human ! Anti-vax folk are always fond of telling you how vaccines are full of those nasty harmful chemicals. According to your average anti-vaxxer, no mercury should be present in the human body, with some claiming: In fact, it [Mercury] is extremely toxic to any living tissue. Scary stuff indeed. What if […]

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