#013 – GMO and You with Dr Fred Perlak of Monsanto

Dr Fred Perlak of Monsanto, developer of Bt cotton is out guest to address any questions you have regarding GMOs.
Dr. Frederick J. Perlak is in the Pipeline, Strategic Partnerships and Sustainability Team working to identify ways that Monsanto can improve lives, increase agricultural efficiency and conserve resources in developing countries.  In this role Dr. Perlak will lead engagement with social partners to address global issues of the environment and food security. 
Dr. Perlak has been employed at Monsanto since 1981 and has held a number of positions in the technical organization.  Dr. Perlak was appointed to the Monsanto Fellow Program in 1993 in recognition of his scientific achievement and in 1994, Drs. Perlak and Fischhoff were awarded the Thomas and Hochwalt Science and Technology Award.  The award recognizes individuals who advance Monsanto’s technical leadership by contributing breakthrough fundamental or applied research to the scientific community.  Drs. Perlak and Fischhoff’s discoveries on the expression of Bt genes in plants has directly lead to the commercialization of insect resistant cotton, potato and corn.  Dr. Perlak was a co-recipient of the 2000 Edgar M. Queeny Award for Science and Technology for his contributions to Bollgard cotton.  Dr. Perlak received the First Annual Cotton Incorporated Biotechnology Achievement Award, 2001, presented by Cotton Incorporated for his groundbreaking work in the application of biotechnology to cotton.  Dr. Perlak was appointed Distinguished Science Fellow in 2003, Monsanto’s highest research honor.  Dr. Perlak was the Director of Cotton Technology at Monsanto (1995-2008) responsible for providing strategy and direction to Monsanto’s future cotton efforts.
Most recently, Dr. Perlak led the Monsanto Hawaii organization (2008-2014) where he was  responsible for strategy and direction across the functional areas of Monsanto Hawaii including research, manufacturing, future planning and community affairs.
Dr. Perlak has presented and published numerous papers and holds numerous patents for his work while at Monsanto.  He has also been elected as a Fellow in the St. Louis Academy of Science in 1998.
Dr. Perlak earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Fairfield University and a Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts -Amherst. 
Dr. Perlak resides in St. Louis with his wife.