#027 – Skeptical Parenting with Natalie Newell

We talk skeptical parenting and the mommy blogger movement with our friend at the Science Enthusiasts podcasts, Natalie Newell.

Science moms official descriptionSkeptical Parenting with Natalie Newell on Trolling With Logic


This is a film that will give a voice to the science-minded moms – the women who are too often drowned out by the fear mongers, the shamers, and the CelebMoms. Through interviews with “science moms” who are on the front lines of this struggle, we’ll dissect the bogus claims of these celebrities one by one and explain in simple language what the science really shows about GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, and any of these topics that are often in the headlines, yet even more often are misunderstood.

We can’t change everyone’s minds, but we can make our voices heard. One mom at a time.


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