#040 – Chris Watson the Podunk Polymath

chris watson podunk polymath on trolling with logic

Chris Watson is the host of the Podunk Polymath Podcast (or Triple Po for short), a podcast “dedicated to the sentiments of a secular, sarcastic, screwed up Southern SJW and skeptic.” He joins us on this episode to talk about his show, how secular humanism as a movement can grow and move in positive directions, why we need both “firebrands” and “diplomats” in the atheist/skeptical community, and shares a little about the historical figure who inspired his podcast, the 19th century social reformer and atheist Charles Chilton Moore.

Charles Chilton Moore (December 20, 1837 – February 7, 1906) was an American atheist, and the editor of the Blue Grass Blade, one of the United States’ first newspapers promoting atheism. Due to his criticisms of religion, he was dubbed Kentucky’s Most Hated Man.

Moore’s legacy is that of a father of American atheism. His Blue Grass Blade was widely circulated, gaining him notoriety among the religious and non-religious alike. He helped to promote arguments against much that is contained in the Bible, for example, geological evidence that Earth existed far before the date of October 23, 4004 BC, calculated by James Ussher from the Old Testament. His legal trials helped establish precedents in free speech law, as it relates to religious dissent.

In 1984, 100 years following the first publication of the Blue Grass Blade, Madalyn Murray O’Hair and other atheist activists planted a “Devil’s Hosta” lily which still sits on Moore’s headstone to this day.[2] O’Hair’s organization, American Atheists later republished his book, The Rational View and his autobiography Behind the Bars, in 1984 and 1990, respectively

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Charles Chilton Moore (1837-1906): http://www.therestorationmovement.com/_states/kentucky/cc_moore.htm

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