#035 – Alien Autopsy Fact or Fiction? Review

trolling with logic podcast alien autopsy review

Johnathan Frakes host of Alien Autopsy Fact or Fiction Trolling With Logic In this episode Nathan, Jenn & Cal take a look at the infamous mid-90’s documentary “Alien Autopsy – Fact or Fiction”. Produced by Fox at the height of X-Files the influenced UFO/conspiracy craze and hosted by number one himself, AKA Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek Next Generation’s Will Riker).
Alien Autopsy focuses on the alleged footage of the US Army performing an autopsy on an apparent alien being, whose body was extracted from the Roswell “UFO” Crash.

Fox re-broadcast the program twice, each time to higher ratings, with the November 1995 broadcast winning its time slot again with 11.7 million viewers and a 14% share

This documentary whilst not in anyway remarkable serves as an interesting historical artefact, showing how in the pre-internet age memes and fake news were still prevalent.

From Imdb

“Widely considered to be one of the most controversial TV documentary specials ever aired in Prime Time, this famous FOX Network program stirred the “liveliest debate of any home movie since the Zapruder Film,” according to Time Magazine. The “home movie” was actually purported to be the actual dissection of an alien being, supposedly recovered and analyzed by the U.S. military near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.”


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