#015 – Geo-centrism and Other Curious Beasts with Cool Hard Logic

New show for the new year! We speaks to Youtube content creator ColdHardLogic about bizarre conspiracy theories from Flat Earth and Geocentrism to everyone’s favourite clickbait pseudoscience website, Spirit “Science”.
CHL began making videos in 2012 after encountering another Youtuber who was determined that the Earth was the center of the universe, inspiring him to make a series called “Testing Geocentrism”, in which he uses the ridiculous notion of Geocentrism as a comedic backdrop to explore the history and science of astrophysics.
His other series include:
Testing Homeopathy – in which he explores where this pseudoscientific idea came from and how viable it is (spoiler alert: It isn’t. At all);
Testing Spirit Science – in which he explores some of the more outlandish claims made by Jordan and his gang (warning: be sure to have your face protecting oven gloves at the ready);
World of Batshit – which looks at various different crazy ideas from flat Earth, space denialism (yes, that really is a thing), moon hologram, and planes actually being flying demons.
His “Testing Geocentrism” series got so up the nose of Robert Sungenis, who wrote “Galileo was wrong” and made the pseudoscience propaganda-fest “The Principle”, that he felt compelled to write a “rebuttal” to part of his series (you can guess how successful that wasn’t).