#026 – Eco-Modernism with Rauli Partanen & Vance Crowe


We take a look at the Eco-Modernism movement.

From the Eco-Modernism website


To say that the Earth is a human planet becomes truer every day. Humans are made from the Earth, and the Earth is remade by human hands. Many earth scientists express this by stating that the Earth has entered a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene, the Age of Humans.

As scholars, scientists, campaigners, and citizens, we write with the conviction that knowledge and technology, applied with wisdom, might allow for a good, or even great, Anthropocene. A good Anthropocene demands that humans use their growing social, economic, and technological powers to make life better for people, stabilize the climate, and protect the natural world.

In this, we affirm one long-standing environmental ideal, that humanity must shrink its impacts on the environment to make more room for nature, while we reject another, that human societies must harmonize with nature to avoid economic and ecological collapse.



With Special guests:


(BBA) is an author, an entrepreneur and a father of three. His first book Suomi öljyn rauli partanen on trolling with logic eco-modernismjälkeen(with Harri Paloheimo and Heikki Waris) got shortlisted for both of Finlands large national non-fiction book awards. Its adapted translation The World After Cheap Oil was published by Routledge in late 2014, with a German translation (self-published) Die Welt nach dem billigen Öl following in early 2015. Rauli also writes articles on different papers and magazines and gives frequent lectures, presentations and interviews on the subjects of his expertise (energy in general and as a enabler of economic activity and well-being and environmental problems such as climate change, oil and nuclear energy especially, resource scarcity and so forth).

Twitter: @kaikenhuippu
Linkedin: fi.linkedin.com/in/raulipartanen
Blog: kaikenhuippu.com (mainly in finnish)

Vance Crowe

The Director of Millennial Engagement at Monsanto in Saint Louis, Missouri. Vance is a former CommunicaVance Crowe Eco-Modernism Trolling With Logictions Strategist for the World Bank Group, a returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer stationed in Kenya, a former communications coordinator at a National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate in Northern California and was a deckhand on an eco-tourism ship that traveled in the Western Hemisphere. Vance holds an undergraduate degree in communications from Marquette University and a Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Negotiations from the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy.

Connect with Vance on twitter @VanceCrowe

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