#042 – Science and Comics with Miles Greb

Science and Comics with Mile Greb

On this episode, Cal and Nathan speak with special guest Miles Greb, a Seattle-based comic writer, folk singer, and advocate for science, skepticism, and atheism. He has authored science-and-skepticism-based comics in the optimistic sci-fi tradition, including “After the Gold Rush,” a series of comics chronicling the adventures of a distant future in which a 16 year-old biologist who grew up on Saturn’s moon Titan returns to a sparsely-populated Earth to find she is the last scientist.

We talk to Miles about the value of comics as a storytelling medium, the importance of optimistic sci-fi in a landscape dominated by pessimistic dystopian stories, why science and the humanities should cross paths, and his experiences advocating for science outreach and education through campaigns like the March for Science.

About Miles


My name is Miles Greb, and I grew up in the blackberry bushes, and rivers of Northern California.  I am a comic writer, folk singer, and Science advocate.

I believe that while the Sciences are the best means we have for both understanding the universe, and progressing ourselves – The humanities should have a hand in it as well. I focus my stories on optimism, on what unites us as a people, and where we are headed.

I am the writer and creator of After the Gold Rush, Clovis, The Artist, and Espers.

About the comics


We saw the sun rise, and called it God. We saw it move, and called us Center. Then stories, and myths, and happy little comforts- but they held us. Bound and in stupor we crept. Until, we learned the beauty of being wrong. It swept away the spell of firmament, until we finally gazed down upon our suspended world. We moved far, building, and changing other worlds. Slowly, did we do this, for the oceans and valleys of our world ill prepared us for the utter cold and licking heat of Space. And the dull, chill, quiet .

But still longing for a voice, the old melodies rang like brass bells in the minds of the lonely few. Contact made, a deal struck, and the lonely would return to their myths. Calamity and Choir. And so ended science, and the love of being wrong..

But such a legacy was not without its artifacts. A child was born on a satellite – our furthest reach from home. Ignorant to the dire transaction the world had made, she returns sleeping in her capsule. Science, meet the Choir.



Miles Greb’s website: http://www.afterthegoldrush.space/

Miles Greb on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Goldrushcomic

Miles Greb’s Kickstarter campaign for “After the Gold Rush”: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/919052445/after-the-gold-rush-1-3-a-return-to-optimistic-sci

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